Arc Flash Hazard Assessments begin with a site audit and detailed review of the single line drawings to ensure that all pertinent electrical equipment data is identified and recorded. The data collected from the site audit and single line drawing is then used to model the electrical distribution system in SKM Power Tools software. Once the electrical distribution system model has been created, engineering analysis consisting of fault current analysis and a protective device coordination study is performed to ensure that all protective devices are properly rated and their protective settings coordinated. After the completion of the engineering analysis, the arc flash hazard analysis is performed and an Arc Flash Hazard Assessment report is prepared which outlines mitigation options to reduce the arc flash hazard. Finally, arc flash warning labels are produced and installed, either by the Customer or with our assistance, on the electrical equipment in compliance with the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC C22.1) and CSA Standard Z462 - Canadian Workplace Electrical Safety Standards.

In addition to the Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and labelling process described above, Pacific Powertech also offer Electrical Safety Training and Arc Flash Hazard training, both of which can be customized to address the specific needs of our Customers.

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