Maintenance Testing

Independent third party testing on all manufacturer’s equipment. Reduce unplanned down time with predictive maintenance testing to monitor the performance of your equipment.

Cable Services

High voltage splicing and termination, emergency repair, buried cable locating (live or de-energized), fault locating.

Customized Predictive Maintenance Programs For Your Electrical Equipment

Reduce the cost and danger of sudden equipment failure using a program we will tailor to your facility.

Infrared (IR) Thermography

Identify and correct “hot spots” in your electrical system before they cause costly and dangerous equipment failure. Excessive heat is the primary indicator of poor connections, over loading or mechanical failure.

Motor Services

Ranging from engineering specifications, control system design, failure analysis, to field services including predictive maintenance, installation and testing.

Power Quality Measurement & Analysis

PFC capacitor specification and installation, harmonics monitoring and analysis, system capacity analysis.

Substation & Electrical Distribution Maintenance

Combine our services into a complete package to reduce operating costs, and keep your facility running safely and efficiently.

Switchgear Modification & Upgrading

Your power needs are constantly changing, we can make sure your electrical distribution keeps up to your demands.

Transformer Services

Your transformers are one of the single most expensive pieces of your electrical system. With replacement times often several months, extending the life of your transformer is critical. Pacific Powertech specializes in, on-line oil processing, installation, assembly, testing, commissioning, tap-changer maintenance, repair, and replacement.

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