Specialized Services

Battery Bank Load Testing

We use manufacturers discharge curves and have auto correct load adjusting testers to ensure loading is consistent and steady over the entire test period.

Buried Cable And Pipe Tracing

We use advanced equipment and know how to find the hard to locate items.

Hospital CSA Z32 Testing

Pacific Powertech Inc. has excellent equipment and the most knowledgeable staff to get the job done correctly and quickly. Test procedures and equipment have been time proven over more than 20 years.

SF6 Gas Handling

We have state of the art DILO gas handling and measuring equipment and the factory training and skills to go along with it. A Manitoba Hydro Utility trained specialist is available for even the most risk sensitive handling and storage requirements.

Advanced Cable Diagnostics

Cable diagnostics utilizing VLF source and companion Tan-Delta and Partial Discharge technology to test your cables and provide reliable life expectancy and reliability report. Customized algorithms provide interface with new and existing test data to take your cable testing to the next level.

Asbestos Arc Chute Handling

Pacific Powertech Inc. has a verified and recognized program for handling and disposing of your asbestos arc chutes. We can also supply the replacement non asbestos arc chutes.

Elspec Capacitor Products And Meters

We are the approved ELSPEC service company for British Columbia.


Through our partnerships we have access to some of the most innovative and intelligent electrical power products in the industry.

Ground-It Consulting Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Powertech Inc. For a full list of our services, please visit www.pacificpowertech.ca