Client: Morguard Investments Ltd.
Site Location: Coquitlam Centre, Coquitlam, B.C.
Project Description: Arc Flash Study (CSA Z462)

The services of Pacific Powertech (PPI) were retained to complete an Arc Flash Data Analysis in accordance with CSA Standard Z462-12. Personnel involved were responsible for gathering data from the incoming 25kV switchgear down to all 120/208V electrical panels. Using this data our Professional Engineering staff were able to conduct an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis using SKM System Analysis Software. Through our analysis, we reported on findings and recommendations to minimize incident energy, via protection devices, where possible. Once the report was complete, warning labels were placed on all switching devices located throughout Coquitlam Shopping Centre to indicate the incident energy, approach boundaries, and associated personal protective equipment needed when working near energized equipment.

Morguard Investments Ltd.

Project Description: 600V Circuit Breaker Refurbishment / Relay Retrofitting

The services of Pacific Powertech (PPI) have been retained by multiple clients, both in the commercial and industrial sectors, to refurbish 600V circuit breakers from a variety of different manufacturers. As part of our refurbishment program the circuit breakers are disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated where applicable. Current carrying contact are re-plated where necessary. All mechanical functionality is verified as well as thorough electrical testing including insulation, contact resistance and protection relay performance verifications.

Asbestos impregnated arc chutes are replaced with polycarbonate. In order to increase reliability of over-current protection, relay retrofitting is also completed. We install RMS sensing overcurrent relays, which have a variety of options including LSIG and phase unbalance protection. By adding a digital relay to the refurbished circuit breaker, maintenance personnel have the ability to check loading on the breaker as well as access detailed event history. All retrofitted relays are programmed to match the existing overcurrent settings of the relay in order to maintain the existing trip settings.

600V Circuit Breaker Refurbishment / Relay Retrofitting

Client: Quay West Property Management
Site Location: Princess Tower, New Westminster BC
Project Description: Emergency Responses and Replacement

Pacific Powertech Inc. (PPI) arrived on site within an hour of being contacted as a result of an electrical fire at the Princess Tower in New Westminster. Equipment within the electrical room was damaged beyond repair. With the assistance of Houle Electric and Trinity Power Rentals, a temporary power system was implemented within 24 hours in an effort to move all affected tenants back into the building. Over the coming weeks a new power system was designed and installed to restore permanent power to the building.

temporary power system

Client: Cantech
Site Location: Downtown Vancouver BC.
Project Description: Emergency Response and Replacement

Emergency call regarding a 12kV building main load break switch failure during the 2013 Christmas holiday break. Responded to call immediately and had the customer back on line before the next business day. This was a commercial building in Vancouver.

Load break switch replacement

Client: Harbour Centre Complex Ltd.
Site Location: 555 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C.
Project Description: Infrared Scanning & High Voltage Electrical Maintenance Plan;  Load Study; Power Quality Survey; Emergency Call-outs

Pacific Powertech Inc. (PPI) developed a 5-year high voltage electrical maintenance program based upon NETA, IEEE, CSA and manufacturer recommended procedures.  We provide annual outage schedules, manpower and equipment to perform the maintenance testing and also coordinate the incoming utility supply isolations as required.  Upon completion we provide a complete summary report listing deficiencies and recommendations and where necessary, arrange for replacement parts and perform follow up repairs.  PPI has been providing maintenance testing services to the Harbour Centre on their complete high voltage distribution system since 1995.


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