Consulting Ltd is a consulting electrical engineering firm specializing in electrical grounding for power systems. We provide a full range of field measurement, design and analysis services related to the grounding of electrical transmission systems, pipelines and industrial plants. As well, we perform ground electrode model analysis and grounding network calculations.

At Consulting, we have over 35 years of experience in the application of sophisticated analytical techniques to real engineering problems as they relate to grounding. We have developed specialized expertise in grounding system measurements including soil resistivity studies, electrode resistance measurements, the investigation of the integrity of large grounding systems and measurement of grounding in patient care installations (Actually we have not done this for years. When we were doing it, some electrical consultants were putting our name as approved in the electrical specifiactions). We are fully conversant with the problems inherent in carrying out the field measurement of grounding parameters. Consulting has pioneered the technique of using a variable frequency power source and frequency selective voltmeter to conduct measurements on large grounding systems in the presence of high ambient electrical interferences. We have an excellent understanding of the ac component of ground systems and inductive coupling errors that could occur in measurements.

The engineering staff at Consulting has developed unique software that facilitates the complex calculations required in the design and analysis of grounding systems. Our software has been used by organizations across the world including Canada, United States, Korea and Venezuela.

To inquire about on-site measurement services or to request further information on our engineering capabilities and engineering software, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fun fact: “Grounding” is a North American term. In most other parts of the world, it’s called “Earthing”. Consulting Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Powertech Inc. For a full list of our services, please visit