Mission Statement

Quality Management:

Quality assurance and report documentation are controlled through an in-house document management system which is aligned with rigorous NETA requirements for continued membership. We are able to respond immediately to any customer concerns and work hard to ensure any customer concerns are addressed quickly and successfully. Our longevity and progress in our field has been proven by staying the course during projects despite any difficulties or setbacks; we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Safety Procedures:

Safety is a primary focus and key element of our company and we are proud of our record in a sometimes challenging field. We are trained and equipped with the most recent and up to date safety equipment and procedures.  We have our own safety manual in place and we hold safety meetings on a monthly basis. We have supported the development of CSA Z462 "Workplace Electrical Safety" and incorporate the elements of this document in our day to day work.

Environment Agenda:

At Pacific Powertech Inc., all the work that we do is undertaken with the environment as a primary concern. Regulatory requirements are adhered to as a minimum and in most cases we far exceed mandated laws. We have developed specialized procedures for the handling of some specific toxic and harmful electrical materials. Our experience and commitment to the environment is proven and is readily evident on every job site.

Employee Growth:

We have developed a working environment and employment culture based on mutual respect. We ensure our employees are committed and motivated to provide outstanding quality service to our clients. This is based on key components of employee job satisfaction and has proved valuable as our company grows and prospers. It has allowed us to build our internal resources through training and mentoring and engage new employees with very little attrition. This will allow us to continue to grow with a confidence in our most valuable asset; our people.

Our skilled engineers, technologists and power system electricians are among the highest qualified electrical power specialists in the business. Our focus has always remained electrical power, its generation, distribution, control, protection, and safe utilization. Let us offer you the benefit of our services no matter your sector of industry or infrastructure. We are confident you will be impressed with our quality and professionalism!

Ground-It.com Consulting Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Powertech Inc. For a full list of our services, please visit www.pacificpowertech.ca